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Cell Imaging Technology

Ever wondered what really happens to your cells once you close that incubator door?

  • How do they interact with one another?
  • Have they changed morphology and I missed the moment when this happened?
  • How fast do they move and how far have they traveled?
  • How do the tubules form?

Wonder no more, all these questions and many more can now be answered with Cell-IQ, a unique imaging and analysis system that can capture and quantify those missed events, giving you the answers you need to advance your research.

Actually see for yourself what goes on behind the incubator door and be truly amazed!

Cell-IQCell-IQ® is a fully integrated continuous live cell imaging and analysis platform ideal for use with cell lines. primary cells, co-cultures and mono-layer tissue models. It is a research tool with a difference, Cell-IQ can be trained to see what you see and quantify the results automatically.

Cell-IQ combines long term cell incubation conditions with phase contrast and fluorescence imaging utilising Machine Vision Technology to automatically identify, analyse and quantify cell morphological features.  While many of these techniques are used independently already in cell biology, Cell-IQ is the first system that has combined cell visualisation with Machine Vision Technology for automated quantitation.

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